Technology Archaeology

Fixing and Modernizing the Legacy


Modernizing the Legacy

Your systems have collected, forecasted, stored, and secured your organization’s vital info for many years. The problem is that you can now see a better way but there isn’t a clear path on how to get there. These systems were either built by employees that haven’t been with the company for several years or your current employees don’t have the skills necessary to modernize them.

BrightRay Consulting can explorer, document, plan and ultimately modernize your legacy systems that your team doesn’t have the time, or patience to work on. We can deploy our modern technical Architects and legacy system experts in order to understand your current state. We can then act in an advisory role or we can execute the development.



Understanding exactly what an older system does is the first step to understanding how to replace it. We can do the deep dive it will take to figure out what we are up against. It’s more than understanding what the code does-so much as what it was meant and needs to do.


Simply bolting on a semi-modern, inflexible and rigid web service on top of a 30 year old system is neither modern or maintainable.