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Finding a Needle In A Haystack

In the United States coders make up about 1.11% of the population. At BrightRay we don’t believe in pretentious names like JavaScipt Magician, Rockstar, Code DJ, or the loathsome Code Artisan. We believe that either a developer has put the time in to be able to add value, or they haven’t.

Finding The One

We live and breathe the same technology so we can spot real software engineers in an ocean of mediocre ones. Coders are a strange breed. Finding that right mix of skills, personality and drive can be difficult to identify. We have seen developers with high school degrees run circles around PhDs so you really never know what your looking at until you start talking shop.

"A Non-Technical Recruiting Organization Is A Silly Notion"

Developers: You Can Trust Us With Your IT Career

Stop trusting non-technical-technical-recruiters that don’t care about you or your career. It time to go with a recruiter who is also a developer and knows the difference between JavaScript, Angular and Bootstrap. It’s time you go with a recruiter that deserves you. It’s time to go with a recruiter that has been in your shoes and will choose your interests over making a buck.

How could someone who has never fixed a car ever recognize a real mechanic? The same goes for developers. Being interviewed by a neophyte can be degrading. Ask yourself how many times you have been asked the bubble sort vs. quick sort interview question by someone who is just checking off a box? How many times have you been asked a very technical question by someone looking for keywords?