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We help busy professionals write and publish their stories to distinguish themselves and their brands.



Book Composition

We get the book out of your head and onto the page.

Book Composition

Learn how we can help make your vision a reality.
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Manuscript Publishing

We convert your manuscript into a published book.

Manuscript Publishing

Learn how our manuscript development process will make you a published author.
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Personal Branding

We craft and establish your personal brand.

Personal Branding

Learn how our team can help build your personal brand.
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Most professionals have solid credentials that elevate their brands and establish them as leading experts. Some may showcase their college degrees, personal websites, even Wikipedia pages. Whether you’re an executive, academic, entrepreneur, or celebrity, everyone has their own talents and achievements. But, not everyone has a book.

That’s because writing a book takes time, effort, and skill. Writing is an art, and most authors continue to hone their craft throughout their careers. If you’re an ambitious, enterprising person, then you have a story worth telling. You also shouldn’t have to put your life on pause to do so. That’s where we come in.

At BrightRay Publishing, writing books is what we do. Our streamlined process ensures that we translate your vision into a compelling story—one that can showcase your expertise, separate you from the competition and lead to career-defining opportunities.

Establish Yourself As The Published Expert

You have a great book that you just can’t get done. We have a leading team of writers, editors, and other industry experts that will do it for you. BrightRay Publishing will write, edit, publish and distribute a book that puts your name and story out to as many people as possible.


There’s nothing like a book to build credibility, promote yourself, and build your brand. Distinguish yourself as an authority in your field.


What Our Clients Say About Us

"I felt relieved to find you guys. I loved our time. I looked forward to it. I love the fact that the process was low barrier, easy access."
Karen Tilstra
Founder & President at Creativity Effect
"I already am thinking about what's the next project that we're going to work on because I absolutely love this process."
Antoinette King
Founder at Credo Cyber
"I wrote one page in 2003, and it would have been twenty more years before I wrote any more pages."
Serguei Melnik
Founder, President & CEO at Wolf Blitz Financial
"Just the professionalism of the two editors I'm working with helped a lot. If I was working with lesser people, I think [my project] would be a big problem."
Michael Hughes
Manager, Sales and Marketing at IISE
My experience has been incredible. I recommended highly that if anyone who's interested especially as a new author and taking adventure on like this. Yay, BrightRay Publishing!
Jim Macphee
Former Disney Executive
"It was a great journey and I think BrightRay really simplified the process and allowed us to become a portion of the Amazon ecosystem much easy than we could have on our own."
Jim Tompkins
Chairman at Tompkins International
"I feel like BrightRay's process for the cover design was really great and I was super happy with the outcome."
Lisa Kelly
Featured columnist at SB Nation - OneFootDown
"If it hadn't been for the team at BrightRay, this could have been incredibly lonely experience. Once we got to the end and we had the book ready, when it came out, I felt an accomplishment."
Jason Barnard
Founder & CEO at Kalicube
"I thought the value of it was way beyond. I love the finish product and I appreciate the time and effort that you guys put into it."
Chris Wasman
CEO & Co-Founder of Istoria Ministry Group