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Book Composition

We write, edit, produce, publish, distribute, and market your book

Let's Get Your Book Written And Published

You have a great book that you just can’t get done. We have a team of writers, editors, and other industry experts who will do it for you. Our all-inclusive service will write, edit, publish and distribute a book that puts your name and story out to the world.

How we do it, and what we'll need from you

Our All-inclusive Process

Our team speaks with you to gain an understanding of who you are, what your book is about, and your goals for writing it. We use these initial interviews  to learn how you speak and map it to your writing style. 

We’ll reach a mutual understanding of the central thesis of your book that incorporates who your audience is. 

Once we establish the book’s theme we begin to weave the overall story. A series of interviews are conducted to understand your background and business, hear your wisdom and what makes you unique.  Our writers use your words to create the manuscript, and revise it along the way based on your feedback, anecdotes, and style.

Once the initial draft is completed, together we determine if more content is needed to present the full story. The process  of picking a title is begun as is designing the cover.

Our editors will review the final manuscript and correct any issues with grammar, syntax, and typos. Our graphic designer will format each page and complete the layout of any pictures and illustrations and ensure that the design meets the requirements  for the various editions (eBook, paperback and hardcover).


We go through a wide range of styles and designers until we get a cover that you absolutely love

People really do judge a book by its cover, and that’s exactly why we’ll present you with several different design concepts from the very start. From there, we’ll work with you to narrow down on what you like and provide feedback to our designers until we get the perfect cover.


How we get your book out into the world

We’ll create your author’s account on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform and set up the eBook, paperback, and hardback formats.

We’ll find a narrator and produce the audiobook format through Audiobook Creation Exchange.

All versions of your book becomes available for purchase on Amazon. We implement various promotion strategies to get your book ranked in its categories and to as many readers as possible.