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How to Choose The Best Amazon Keywords For Books and KDP

Choosing The Best Amazon Keywords for Books and KDP

Choosing The Best Amazon Keywords is a critical part of getting your book in front of potential readers. Keywords are the words and phrases that Amazon and other book distributors will let you set as part of your book’s product description. When people look for books and other items that match your keywords, your book may appear somewhere in the search results.

Like any *SEO*, the keywords that you choose for your book need to be what people that would actually want to find you are looking up. A lot of amateur authors think that attaching a plethora of popularly-searched words might get some people to your book. While that can get you some initial attention, that’s not going to get you any actual readers if those keywords don’t fit your book. 

If someone finds your book by searching for something completely unrelated, they’re most likely not going to buy your book just because they found it. It’s a quality versus quantity situation. Would you rather get thousands of people a month to see your book without buying it or only a few dozen people that actually do? The answer is obvious.

To get that quality few, you need to figure out what keywords are the most strategic to get visibility but are also most likely what your potential readers are looking up.

Start by writing out any and all words and phrases that someone may look up to find a book like yours. Once you have a decent-sized list, search for a keyword research tool like Ahrefs available online. You can use these tools to find out what the search frequency of each word or phrase that you came up with. The lower the search frequency, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to become the top result or have high visibility with that keyword.

Ultimately, you should choose the keywords from your list that strike a good balance between being the most related to your book and also being the least competitive based on its search frequency. Since you can typically pick multiple keywords, the best way to do this is to choose a few with a higher search frequency and a few with a lower search frequency to cover the range.

By thinking of what people might actually be looking up to finding your book and doing the data research, you should be able to find and pick the best keywords to help your book get attention, *traction*, and success.


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