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Founder and Executive Coach Releases Book About Balancing Career and Family as a Leader During Times of Crisis

Book About Balancing Career and Family. Walking The Leadership Tightrope - Chris Ice

Christopher P. Ice released Walking the Leadership Tightrope on April 3, 2023.

WINTER PARK, FLORIDA April 3, 2023—After leading a university through the crisis of COVID-19 and his own family through grief, Christopher P. Ice, founder and CEO of Ice Executive Coaching & Consulting, has released his debut book.

Walking the Leadership Tightrope: How to Balance Career and Family through the Chaos of Crisis, documents his experiences in multiple industries—insurance, higher education, hospice, non-profit, and consultation—that have helped him fine-tune a leadership style that empowers people and goes beyond the bottom line to bring record ROIs to every organization. Through his lived experiences as an executive, owner, CEO, president, and founder in turn, and leading organizations through challenges large and small, Christopher provides actionable and
empathetic advice to all aspiring and veteran leaders.

Walking the Leadership Tightrope, published by BrightRay Publishing, can be purchased online on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart and Target, among other retailers. Visit for more information.


“I always encourage my clients to not be afraid to walk that leadership tightrope when times become challenging, as they often do. Being a leader is difficult work, which is why only a few aspire to be a leader and fewer yet actually take on the task.”

— Christopher P. Ice, author of Walking the Leadership Tightrope


Christopher P. Ice has led numerous organizations in the for-profit and non-profit sectors, owned a healthcare company, was the CEO of Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph, and most recently, was the president and CEO of Ave Maria University in Florida. Additionally, Christopher has consulted with private equity firms across the country, and now shares his vast experience of successfully rebuilding organizations through Ice Executive Coaching & Consulting.


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