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Healthcare Software and Service Expert Releases Book For Transforming B2B Sales

Reese Gomez - Light Your Sales Fuse

Reese Gomez released Light Your Sales FUSE on May 15, 2023.

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA DATE—Reese Gomez, founder and CEO of SalesSparx, released Light Your Sales FUSE: For Explosive Sales Growth, a versatile approach to accelerate go-to-market maturity and sales for not only reaching but exceeding short-term and long-term scaling objectives within B2B businesses.

Reese and the SalesSparx team distilled the proven best practices from over 10,000 hours of research to create The SalesSparx FUSE, a proven go-to-market and sales acceleration process. Light Your Sales FUSE is the culmination of those insights, detailing a proven roadmap for driving rapid goal attainment and pushing innovations to market. The book provides case studies specific to healthcare software, services, and technology companies but can be used by any B2B company that sells complex solutions regardless of industry.

Light Your Sales FUSE, published by BrightRay Publishing, can be purchased online on Amazon in eBook and paperback editions.

Reese Gomez, founder and CEO of SalesSparx, LCC, is a trusted advisor to software, technology, and services companies that want to accelerate their go-to-market maturity and sales performance. Before founding SalesSparx, Reese helped to propel several successful healthcare software and service companies to rapid growth. From 2010 to 2012, Reese established and grew a management consulting division from $0 to $60M, and as part of the company’s executive leadership, he helped drive overall revenue growth from $50M to $250M. 

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