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How to Set the Price of Your Book on Amazon?

Book on Amazon

Pricing your book on Amazon is one of the final critical details that you have to determine before publication. A lot of first-time authors will instinctively try to set their book to be as dirt-cheap as possible. The less it costs, the more people will buy it. Right?


Pricing your book too low might indicate to a potential reader that your book is of correlatively low quality and give away that your book was not traditionally published, since only independent authors can dictate such a rock-bottom price. You have to keep in mind that a reader doesn’t invest just money into a book. They also spend their time reading it. They might see that your book is only 99 cents, sure, but they’ll often decide that then it can’t be worth how long it’d take to read it. This is how you can literally price yourself under a reader.

The best price for your book is ultimately going to be somewhere around the average price for a book around your length and categories. It’s not that difficult, I promise. All it takes is about ten minutes of research to figure this out. 

When registering for your ISBN, you may want to consider listing the price at about $5-$10 higher than you actually plan to sell it for. Amazon will often pick up on the discrepancy and highlight it as a “discount” on your book’s page. I already said how you want to price your book high enough to seem “worth it”, but people still always fall for the perception of a good deal. It’s an age-old sales tactic that also works here.

Deciding what to sell your book for is a matter of figuring out what a book like yours is going for and pricing it around there. If you want to strategize, list the ISBN price higher than what you’re actually selling it for to create the idea of a “better deal” to boost sales.


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